Staff F.A.Q.

When are summer applications available? Summer applications for the season are generally available around February.

When do I need to submit my application by? Deadlines will vary, based on the position. When we post the applications, we will also post a deadline to go with it.

What qualifications do I need? All staff require First Aid OR CPR, and a current police background check (less than 6 months old)

How does the interview process work? We screen the best applications for interviews, and select the best candidates based on group and solo interviews (varies depending on position).

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Application Process

Meet Our Current Summer Staff!

Work. Play. Live.

Our staff are creative, hardworking, compassionate and well trained for the challenges provided by summer camp! We help create a summer of fun and a lifetime of memories for every child!

Meet our Staff!

Summer Employment

Camp Vincent (St. Vincent de Paul Camp) has been offering individuals age 16 - 99 the opportunity to experience work with children and youth firsthand in a unique camp setting since 1971!

Each summer we employ a variety of individuals of different backgrounds, abilities, and interests! Often, these are individuals who wish to, or currently do, work with children, youth, teens, human service, support, and food service industries.

We have also had our share of people who, despite future career paths, simply love working with kids and contributing to their amazing summer experience!

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We are looking for hardworking, energetic, goofy individuals who want to increase their knowledge and skills with children in an outdoor camp atmosphere!

Do you have the energy, dedication and passion it takes? Join our team and help create a summer of fun and a lifetime of memories in the lives of over 700 children this summer!

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